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John Nelander

Freelance writer and editor specializing in health care news and general features. I am also a book editor and publisher. Contact me for details. 


Whether you’re trying to communicate with your readers in a book, magazine or newspaper article, or electronically through the Web, a well-polished presentation is important. Your work should be crisp and sharply focused, with good grammar and proper punctuation. That’s particularly crucial when you’re talking about information from professional sources.

If you’re writing for a publication, editors will put your work under the microscope and ultimately make a few changes. But the company is going to want good, clean copy upfront. That’s where I can make a difference.

If you're tired of getting rejected by publishers, and would like your book published at a reasonable cost, I can help you achieve that goal. You supply the text and photos (if any), and I will edit the book and produce the finished product. That includes exposure on Amazon and other retail outlets.

When quality counts, I can work with you to produce a smoother, but more forceful finished product. Give me a call and we can discuss your project.

Explore the endless possibilities of the human mind, and reach your full potential through faith. The Solution Oriented Mind will help you overcome challenges and soar above life's difficulties. Published by Palm Beach Editorial Services January 2015. Click here to order.
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