The Palm Beach Daily News medical guide, published in April 2017, looks at innovations across a broad spectrum of the health-care industry with a focus on age-related issues. Below are links to stories contained in the special section.

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Research is underway in this crucial area as the medical community braces for what could be an epidemic of new cases.

People as young as their late 30s are opting for some fine-tuning, doctors say.

The pain of losing a child lasts forever, but a memorial established by a Palm Beach businessman has been helping parents restore an element of peace to their lives. Published October, 2017

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A new type of medical practice that aims to head off problems before they start.

Which supplements are getting the most attention from the professionals in this $50 billion-a- year industry?

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From stem cell research to the development of new treatments, a look at what's going on in the labs.